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Demo File: stm32f4_crc_target_demo.mdl



Demo File: stm32f4_crc_host_demo.mdl



This example demonstrates CRC-32 Block usage.

The target system model is set to compute the CRC-32 value of string '12345x789123abcd' and transmit the result via UART to the host PC.

The host PC display the received CRC-32 code and compare with the locally generated code.

Hareware Setup




What should be happening?

The generated and simulated CRC-32 code for string '12345x789123Aabcd' should be 0x4F48C4B2.

It is possible to compute CRC for STM32F4 CRC Hardware module using Online CRC Calculator at:, as shown below, with the following settings:

Polynomial: 0x4C11DB7

Initial value: 0xFFFFFFFF

Final XOR value: 0x00000000

Reverse Data Bytes: Unchecked

Reverse CRC result before final XOR: Unchecked

Also notice the reversed input sequence.