Flash Write

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Flash Write

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User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?


Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value




The block support Blocking write mode only.

Flash sector

Sector 5: 0x08020000 - 0x0803FFFF

Sector 6: 0x08040000 - 0x0805FFFF

Sector 7: 0x08060000 - 0x0807FFFF

Sector 8: 0x08080000 - 0x0809FFFF

Sector 9: 0x080A0000 - 0x080BFFFF

Sector 10: 0x080C0000 - 0x080DFFFF

Sector 11: 0x080E0000 - 0x080FFFFF

Program data type

double | single | int8 | uint8 | int16 | uint16 | int32 | uint32

Select data type to write to flash.

Enable Status port

Checked | Unchecked

Enable/ Disable status port, to check result of operation.

Sample time (sec)

(Sample time)

Specify block sample time.

When to use this block?

1. Store setting data (Non volatile).

2. Boot loader application.

3. EEPROM Emulation.

How does this block work?

Input data port:

1. Offset, offset of memory in Flash Sector.

  Example: For Sector 5, memory base is 0x08020000. The actual writing program memory address is 0x08020000 + Offset.

2. Data, input data to write into program memory.

Output data port:

1. Status, this status port is return result of Flash write operation.