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Get Started

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Supported Hardware

The STM32F0 Target designed to work with FiO MOTE-ST board. See FiO Mote-ST for more details.


Compiler and Flash Program tools


For the current version release, STM32F0 Target support GNU-ARM and MDK-ARM tool for Auto compile during model build.

Flash Programmer

Support Auto Compiler, Download and Run to the target board via aMG USB Connect.

Heap and Stack configuration

Default use, can be adjust depending on application complexity.

Debug support (Optional)

For advance user, FiO Mote-ST board provide SWD port, external debugger tool (ie. ST-Link) required for debug the application.

Checking hardware connection

Run below command at Matlab command window for checking hardware connection:

[sta,msg] = waijung.checkTargetConnection