Network status and GPRS demo

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Network status and GPRS demo

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Demo File: gsm_gprs_sim900_demo.mdl

Location: <waijungroot>\targets\stm32f4_target\stm32f4\demo\gsm_gprs_sim900_demo

Target: RTW (Build and Download this demo file into the STM32F4 Target board)


Task1-Update Status


Task2-Sync network time


Task3-Send Email


Hardware Setup

Follow Hardware Setup for GSM module.

Software Setup

Parameter configuration may need update:

1. SMTP server and port.

2. User/Password for login. User must create your own E-Mail account.


Build demo model file into Target board.

Email send: push the button B2 the trig the Email send function.

Network status: lcd will display Date/Time and signal strength.