Host PC and Target

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Host PC and Target

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demo File: uart_hostpc_target_demo.mdl

Build and program the demo model below to target board.



This demo showing communication Host PC and target STM32F4 board. User can sent string command to control and query value via COM/ UART port.

Software Setup

At host PC side for test the demo, download software "TeraTerm" from

Run "ttermpro.exe" and configuration as below:

1. At first pop-up window when program start, select option "Serial" and select port. Then click "OK" to connect to the port.


2. At menu bar items, select menu "Setup" -> "Terminal...", make configuration as showing below:


3. At menu bar items again, select menu "Setup" -> "Serial port...", make configuration as showing below:


Hardware Setup

This demo tested with below hardware setup.


Warning: To make change on hardware setup, please disconnect all power supply (USB) first, to prevent damage to the boards.

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