Unique ID

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Unique ID

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demo File: uidread_target_demo.mdl



demo File: uidread_host_demo.mdl




This example demonstrates how to use the Read Unique ID Block.

The target system model read the unique device ID and transmit the data to the host PC via UART as three uint32 values.

The host PC receives the data and display the unique device ID as three hexadecimal values.

Software Setup

1. Build the target model.

2. Run the host PC model.

Hardware Setup

This example uses aMG USB Converter - N to convert UART data from STM32F4DISCOVERY board to the host PC USB port.


What should be happening?

The Unique ID for the MCU should be the same as that obtained by ST-Link Utility.

In this case the Unique ID is 0x003B002C 32314713 38303137.