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1. Target of programming board

1.1 Boot firmware

Build module iap_device_boot_demo.mdl to Target of programming board via ST-Link (Auto compile and download).

1.2. User program

- Build model iap_device_application_demo.mdl, it generate output binary file "iap_device_application_demo.bin".

- Copy file "iap_image.exe" from "\waijung\targets\stm32f4_target\stm32f4\demo\iap_demo\iap_image\Bin",

place it into directory "\waijung\targets\stm32f4_target\stm32f4\demo\iap_demo\iap_device_application_demo_stm32f4"

- Convert binary file with Binary converter.

2. IAP Host (Webserver board support)

1. Build model file iap_host_demo.mdl to the board.

2. Connect LAN network, apply power to the board then check connection using Web-browser. At address bar, input IP address or the board ( for this demo). If the first page displayed, mean connection is good.

3. Test firmware upgrade

1. Open Firmware upgrade URL:

2. Select device ID to program, then click Next.


3. Select binary file to upgrade. Click Upload to start firmware IAP.


4. Wait for firmware IAP process.


5. Firmware IAP result.