Volatile Data Storage

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Volatile Data Storage

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User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?

Normal data type


String buffer type


Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value


Storage type


Select data type of variable.

double - Double precision floating point, use this type when calculation require high precision.

single - Single precision floating point. This data type is recommend for floating point calculation in STM32F4 target, due to it support hardware floating.

int8 - 8 bit sign integer type, value can be -127 to 127.

uint8 - 8 bit unsign integer type, value can be 0 to 255.

int16 - 16 bit sign integer type.

uint16 - 16 bit unsign integer type.

int32 - 32 bit sign integer type.

uint32 - 32 bit unsign integer type.

Define with "volatile" keyword

Checked | UnChecked

Example, to define "var1" as double data type:

volatile double var1;

Storage name

variable name (no quote)

Input variable name. Name must be a valid object name in C.

Size (bytes)

(buffer size)

Specify size in bytes of string buffer data type.

Initial value

(A valid initial value corresponding to data type)

Specify initial value of variable.

Web CGI varget/varset integration

Write/ Read
ReadOnly with KeyValuePair
Write/ Read with KeyValuePair

Disable: this variable did not allow access from http web-browser.

ReadOnly: allow access from http web-browser as read only.

Write/Read: allow access from http web-browser, both read and write.

ReadOnly with KeyValuePair: ReadOnly, name of variable return along with value.

Write/ Read with KeyValuePair: Read and Write, name of variable return along with value.


String Buffer Demo