Data logger Ascii mode (10kHz)

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Data logger Ascii mode (10kHz)

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Demo File: data_logger_ascii_demo.mdl



This demonstration how to log the data into SD card, 4 channels of reading ADC raw value are converted to voltage level 0-3.3V then store into SD card with 10kHz (10000 samples per seconds). The data stored in Ascii format.

Software Setup


Hardware Setup





Build this demo model into target board (STM32F4 board).

1. Update model, by click "Update diagram" on tool bar or press Cntrl + D keys to update the sample time of blocks. You may need to update diagram two times to make sample time showing correctly.

2. Build model into target board. By click icon "Incremental build" on toolbar or press Cntrl + B then wait until Auto compile & Download finish.

3. First data logging start, LED Busy will turn on then blinking for Card initialize. This may take time from 10 seconds to few minutes depending on number of logging record.

4. During data logging is in progress, LED progress will blink with speed 10Hz (ON 0.1S/ OFF 0.1S).

5. When Logging is finish,  LED progress will blink at slow rate 0.25Hz (ON 2S/ OFF 2S). User can remove SD Card.

 Note: Time for log the data (After initialize); 60000 * 100e-6 = 6 Seconds.

6. Verify logging message.



7. Open logging data



8. In case of Fail. If SD card removed before finish.