Date and Time configuration

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Date and Time configuration

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demo File: rtc_configure_demo.mdl



This demo model showing how to use RTC, set up date/time and display date/time on CLCD.


1. Connect LCD display module by follow Hardware Setup.

2. Open demo file, update model (Press Ctrl+D) 2 times then build model (Ctrl+B). Wait for auto compile and download to finish.

3. The LCD should display Date/ Time on screen now.

4. Try to adjust Date and time.

 - Press and hold (*)MODE button longer than 3 seconds to enable edit mode, observe blinking text. Then press same button to select Date, Month, Year, Hour, Minute,Second to edit.

- Press (+)UP or (-)DOWN button to adjust.

- Press and hold (*)MODE button longer than 3 seconds again to disable edit mode.

Date/Time display on LCD screen