Device Boot Loader (SD Card)

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Device Boot Loader (SD Card)

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Demo File: boot_demo.mdl

Note: File located in directory: \waijung\targets\stm32f4_target\stm32f4\demo\webserver_devicefirmware_upgrade_demo



The model Build and Run only MCU start-up. The following steps are its routines.

1. Read INI file "system\upgrade\conf.ini", for upgrade control and filename.

2. If firmware upgrade enabled and file CRC is valid, it copy data from file located in SD card into MCU flash section. After done the process copy data to flash, it will clear upgrade enable flag and write the result of firmware upgrade to INI file.

3. Reboot

4. Verify main program sector and Jump if sector valid.

Flash program sector division



Build and program the model to target board using ST-Link (Auto download or Manual download). The LED (PD15) blinking indicate boot loader is running.