Date/ Time configure demo

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Date/ Time configure demo

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demo File: ds3231_configure_demo.mdl



This demo showing to configure Date/Time for DS3231 device via I2C and display to LCD.

Software Setup

1. "Target Setup" block, this block is needed for STM32F4 target. Select the right MCU part, compiler, automatic compile & download and more. This demo use sample time is 10ms.

2. Use I2C1 for communication port.

Hardware Setup

Follow Hardware Setup for this demo.


1. Update model diagram then build/compile/download model to target MCU board.

2. Enter Edit/configuration mode, by press and hold (*)MODE button for longer than 3 seconds. Text blinking on LCD indicate edit mode.

3. Press (*)MODE again to change mode (short pressed). Edit/configure mode will change from Date -> Month -> Year -> Hour -> Minute -> Second ... for each mode changed.

4. Press (+)UP or (-)DOWN to adjust the selected mode.

5. Exit edit/configuration mode, press and hold (*)MODE button for longer than 3 seconds. No blinking text indicate exiting of edit mode.

Date/Time display on LCD screen