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Diagram of an example using amgSQLite data server for storing data


1. Input data

A set of data collected by MCU to be stored into database. Example: Setting data, Logging data, Measurements value of Voltage, Current, Temperature, Pressure or any other value from various sensors device.

2. MCU

A controller which support Hi-speed UART communication. It collect the data (example: from ADC, Digital Input, I2C, or CAN data) and generate SQL Statement/ Query then sent to amgSQLite data server, to store into database file.

3. aMG SQLite data server board

The firmware of boad build with SQLite3 library, visit: http://www.sqlite.org/ for SQLite3 library information. It receive SQL statement via UART and store database file in SD card.

Diagram for database processing (PC host)


1. Database file

File is generated from aMG SQLite Data server board, it contain the sensor data storing as database format.

2. Command line shell software

Software running on PC host, for accessing the database file. Can be use for generate report file as several format. Visit: http://www.sqlite.org/download.html for download.