I2C Master Read/Write

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I2C Master Read/Write

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User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?


Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value


I2C Module

1 | 2 | 3

Select I2C module for Read/ Write transaction.

Bytes write count

(Positive number)

Specify number of bytes to write to I2C in a transaction. This number including command bytes but not include slave address.

Bytes read count

(Positive number)

Specify number of bytes to read from I2C in a transaction.

Wait write time (ms)

(Positive number)

This delay time is optional, can be used for add some delay after write a value to I2C before process next transaction.

Warning: this wait time is blocking delay, it may slow down overall process.

Generate STOP before Re-START for READ

Checked | Unchecked

Optional, for device which not support random read format.

Sample time (sec)

-1 (Inherited) or specify.

Specify sample time for this block.

Input port

1. SlvAddr, input the device address in left justify format (shift 7 bit address 1 bit to left).

2. Data to write to I2C.

Output port

1. Status, indicate status of I2C transaction.

 1.1 Status 0 indicates success,

 1.2 Status 1 - NAK. Slave device did not acknowledge, mostly can be from Address not match or Slave not connected.

 1.3 Status 2- TIMEOUT. Communication timeout, mostly from I2C bus is low longer than timeout setting. Since I2C port is open drain, missing Pull-up resister can cause I2C bus low.

2. Data reading from device, valid only when Status is success.

I2C transaction



Read sensor L3G4200D

Pressure Sensor MPL3115A2

Humidity and Temperature Sensor HIH6131

Ambient Light Photo Sensor APDS9301