Vdd measurement

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Vdd measurement

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Demo File: nrf51_rtw_readvdd_demo.mdl

Location: <waijungroot>\targets\nrf51_target\nrf51\demo\hil_simulation_demo\

Target: RTW (Build and Download this demo file into the nRF51 Target board)



The demo model above showing how to measure the Vdd voltage while it's operating. This feature useful while it operating from battery to monitor power level.

Hardware Setup

The demo require FiO Glide stacked on aMG_USBConnect board.



1. Run the HIL simulation on Host PC

Demo File: host_sim_readvdd_demo.mdl

Location: <waijungroot>\targets\nrf51_target\nrf51\demo\hil_simulation_demo\

Target: Sim (Run the simulation on Host PC)


The Host Serial Rx block receive the UART packet then display Vdd measurement value.

2. Capture UART packet by Serial monitor software