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(Obsolete block)

User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?


Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value


Enable SSL support

Checked | UnChecked

To enable or disable SSL support (depending on the server).

Server name


Server name for SMTP server.

Server port


SMTP port to connect SMTP server.

Login user name


Login name, normally is Email address.

Login password


Specify password to login. Waring: This pass word is stored in mask parameter, do not publish this simulink model.

Sender name


Sender  name without @, this name will be show as "From" name.

Sender Email address


Recipient name (TO)


Recipient address (TO)


Recipient CC (TO)




Email subject.

Variable Message Body

Checked | Unchecked

Checked: Message body can be from Volatile Data Storage Read block.

Unchecked: Specify message body in Mask.

Message body


Email message body.

Sample time (sec)

(Sample time value)

Specify sample time value.

Input port

1. Send

If this input port is non-zero during Idle state, e-mail send process will activated.

Output port

1. Status

0 - The process is Success.

1 - The process is Idle.

252 - The process is Error.

Otherwise - The process is Busy.


Hardware setup

Email Send and Receive

Send SMS