Timer mS

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Timer mS

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User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?


Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value


Timer mode

Blocking | Non-blocking

Blocking: block the CPU process until timer is time out.

Non-blocking: The timer time out indicating by Timeout status port.

Sample time (sec)

(Sample time)

Specify block sample time

Input port

1. Reset, a non-zero value to this port will reset the internal timer counter.

2. mS, timer value in milliseconds. This Timer mS value will set to internal timer counter at Timer reset.

Output port

1. Timeout, a non-zero value indicates the timer is timed-out.

Timer behavior

Blocking mode

1. Timer value (mS) less than block Sample time.


2. Timer value (mS) longer than block Sample time (Not recommended).


Non-blocking mode