aMG 232/485 INF

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aMG 232/485 INF

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1.RS232 / 485 In one board
2.Half Duplex (configurable via jumpers)
3.RS232 Interface based on STMicroelectronics ST3241EB RS-232 transceiver
3 to 5.5 V
Up to 400 kbps (250 kbps minimum guaranteed data rate)
4.RS485 Interface based on STMicroelectronics ST1480ABDR RS-485 transceiver
Operates from a single 3.3 V supply - nocharge pump required
Interoperable with 5 V logic
Guaranteed 12 Mbps data rate
Allows up to 64 transceivers on the bus


1.Automation Systems
2.Network Sensors
3.BUS System


1.ST3241EB RS-232 transceiver Datasheet
2.ST1480ABDR RS-485 transceiver Datasheet
3.Schematic Diagram
4.PCB Layout and Dimensions