Mechanism and Limitations

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Mechanism and Limitations

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What does waijung.updatePlugin method do?

All waijung.updatePlugin does closely match the explanation under the topic The Basics.

1.It creates a Sublibrary using a Subsystem in the Plug-in Blockset
2.The OpenFcn callback of the relavant Subsystem is updated to call related Simulink library file (e.g. mylib.mdl).
3.In addition all paths under the relevant plug-in folder (e.g. "waijungroot\targets\stm32f4_target\stm32f4\plugin\My Lib") are added to Matlab path variable.
So you can arrange your related source code in as many sub folder structure as required and those source code will be made available to Matlab via Matlab path definition.
4.Only one Simulink Library file (*.mdl or *.slx) is allowed in the Plug-in folder. Having said that, the mechanism allows you to have as many subfolder in your Plug-in folder as needed. So you can still flexibly arrange you Sublibrary by storing and arranging files in to different subsolders.