Vin 0-3 V, Vout -12 to +12 V

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Vin 0-3 V, Vout -12 to +12 V

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The set of data points, Vout = -12 V @ Vin = 0 V, Vout = +12 V @ Vin = +3 V, see the transfer curve below.

Transfer Curve



 -12  = m(0) + b                                

   12  = m(3) + b                                


After algebraic manipulation, yield the solution, m = 8 and b = -12, rewrite m and b to new equation.


 Vout = 8Vin - 12                        


The equation above similar to  the CASE2: Vout = +mVin - b circuit.




We can calculate the value of R1, R2, RF and RG by the following equations:




The circuit configuration which yields a solution is shown below.

Circuit Diagram




Configuration of aMG SIGCON-A: Soldering to Jump J5, J7, X2 and X3. Place 5 kΩ resistor to X6, 20 kΩ to X7, 150 kΩ to X8 and 820 Ω to X9 .






Input VS Output Signal



The recommended design procedure for zero-span op-amp design is:

1.Substitute the data set into linear equations to obtain m and b (the slope and intercept of a straight line).
2.Determine the form of the circuit by m and b then choose the circuit configuration that fits the form.
3.Using the circuit equations which selected, calculate the resistor values.
4.Build the circuit using aMG SIGCON-A.
5.Test the circuit, take data and verification.