W2D Disk Image

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W2D Disk Image

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Waijung Webpage Designer (W2D) Disk Images

First Time Installation

The steps for W2D installation is as follows;

1.Get the hardware ready. Build your model with Webserver Setup Block + UART Setup Block (e.g. web_adc.mdl demo, came with Waijung package)
2.Download the latest disk image from table above.
3.Open Chrome Browser and go to your configured IP ----->
4.Input system/upgrade as a remote directory, then choose file (you just download), then click Upload. Wait until success, or try again if fail.


5.For under 1 minute, MCU webserver will be reset automatically, then W2D will be ready.
6.Please go to your configured IP ----->

Upgrading W2D

The steps for W2D upgrade is as follows;

1.Clear or Format both Micro SD cards (one on F4 Connect, one on SQLite database server module)
2.Clear Browser Cache (must do)
3.Upload the new W2D.img to directory 'system/upgrade' via upload.html
4.Wait until MCU is reset, then go to login.html to re-initialize database
5.If initialization process do not start, please use login.html?35486545153 (any random number) to force browser to reload new file