Waijung WebPage Designer (W2D)

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Waijung WebPage Designer (W2D)

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Waijung WebPage Designer (W2D) is a compilation of Web Tools (including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, SQLite, AJAX, flot, etc.) that are put together to help beginners start working on Web Based Monitoring and Control (Using Waijung and Aimagin hardware) quicker and easier.



Download W2D Disk Image

For latest version and change log, visit W2D Site on Aimagin Blog.


W2D compatible browsers;

PC Operating System

W2D Compatible Browsers

Mobile Operating System

W2D Compatible Browsers


Chrome, Opera


Chrome, Opera


Chrome, Safari


Chrome, Safari



Window Phone 8


There are two methods that can be used with different situations.

1.Direct Method [DM]

It is used to directly access variable in memory of MCU via web interface. It's great for Live Web Monitoring and Live Web Control. It's not for reading/writing large amount of data. Basically, it accesses the mapped volatile data storage from the memory of the MCU. More Information.

2.SQLite Method [SM]

It is used for display large amount of data, e.g. plotting charts of log data. It can also be used to query data with your specified condition/sorting.

The following information and demos are highly recommended for beginner to go through before start using W2D.

1.Target Setup
2.Digital Output (Digital Output Demo)
3.Regular ADC (Regular ADC Demo)
4.UART Setup
5.Basic PWM (Basic PWM Demo)
6.aMG EthernetINF
7.aMG SQLite Data Server

How it works

Using Waijung Web Page Designer (W2D) includes the following steps.

1.Hardware Requirement

2.Setting up Model and Related Blockset


b.SQLite Table and UART

c.Data Storage

3.Setting up Web Interface

a.Disk Image & Installation

b.Design (Making it)

c.Page (Using it)

d.SQLite Query Statement (Tweaking it)

4.General Components (Can be dealt with later)


b.Configuration Page/Register New User

c.Main Page + Announcements

d.Manual Coded Demo

e.Reset to Default

f.Upload file

g.Database Browser <NEW in W2D v2>

h.File Browser <NEW in W2D v2>


Hardware Requirement


2.aMG F4Connect + Micro SD card

3.aMG Ethernet INF

4.aMG SQLite Database Server + Micro SD card

Note: Require Micro SD card  size 4GB or better, because it provide fast enough data speed for communication with MCU.


1.Web Monitoring with W2D

2.Web Control with W2D

3.Web ADC with W2D