GSM Get Status

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GSM Get Status

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(Obsolete block)

User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?


Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value


Sample time (sec)

(Sample time value)

Specify sample time value.

Input port

1. Refresh

If input port is non-zero during Idle state, it will update information by sending query command via UART to SIM900 module.

Output port

1. Status

0 - The process is Success.

1 - The process is Idle.

252 - The process is Error.

Otherwise - The process is Busy.

2. Date/Time

Return vector data of date and time.

Index 0 - Year (0-99)

Index 1 - Month (1-12)

Index 2 - Day (1-31), depending on month.

Index 3 - Hour (format 24 hour)

Index 4 - Minute (0-59)

Index 5 - Second (0-99)

3. Operator

Return operator name in string pointer format, can be set to "Volatile Data Storage Write" or "CLCD Write" block.

4. Signal

Return signal strength. Return value will be 0 to 31 for a valid value, or 99 for an invalid signal.


Hardware setup

Email Send and Receive

Send SMS