Character LCD Write

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Character LCD Write

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User Interface

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


The block located at Waijung Blockset/ Hardware Modules/ Charactor LCD

What can be configured?

Configuration item

Selectable option/ Value



1| 2| 3| 4

Select CLCD module number corresponding to "amg CLCD setup" module.

Use string buffer

Checked| Un-checked

Option for write message string into CLCD.

Note: See demo for more information.

String buffer

(List of available String buffer in designing model)

Sample time (sec)

(Sample time value)

Example: -1 (Inherited) or specify sample time.

Specify time interval for update LCD message.

Input port of block

Port name

Port value



0| 1

Clear line before write string/ message into buffer.


(Specify column index)

Start with index 0.

Column index for writing string/ message.


(Specify row index)

Start with index 0.

Row index for writing string/ message.


Writing message

This port available when string buffer is not enabled, can be connected from "Volatile data storage read" block.

When to use this block?

Use this block to update string or message into LCD screen, by specify column and row index.

How does this block work?

Source of string/ message can be from:

1. String buffer, by drop "Volatile Data Storage" block into model and select type as String.

2. "Volatile Data Read" block.

String/ message will not effect immediately after update string, it will pending until processing of CLCD Setup block.


1.Character LCD Demo 2 lines
2.Character LCD Demo 4 lines
3. Character LCD with Enabled Subsystem demo