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"Waijung" or "ไวจัง", a Thai slang for "so fast", is a Simulink Blockset that can be used to easily and  automatically generate C code from your Matlab/Simulink simulation models for many kinds of microcontrollers (Targets).

Currently, Waijung has been designed specifically to support STM32F4 family of microcontrollers (STM32F4 Target) which is a Hi-Performance & DSP MCU from STMicroelectronics.

Waijung Blockset and STM32F4 Target has been completely redesigned with many new features and improvements, based on our experiences on developing RapidSTM32 Blockset and "real-world applications with ease of use" philosophy.

The followings list some of the new features included in Waijung Blockset and STM32F4 Target.

Low-Cost Hi-Performance DSP Hardware with variety of Plug-n-Play modules


Waijung Execution Time Profiler

Easily measure execution time of your target in real-time with ease.

Flexibly define an unlimited number of time capture-point pairs, Waijung Profiler analyzes and reports information such as time steps, elapse time, and histogram for you.

Waijung Profiler


Auto Compile and Download with GNU GCC Compiler

GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors is now built-in Waijung Auto Compile and Download mechanism.

There is no need to install any 3rd party compilers. You can use Waijung right out-of-the-box.

STM32F4 Hardware Floating Point Unit readily supported.



Custom Code Block

Now, you can very easily add your own C code with the new Basic Custom Code Block. Your custom C code is readily integrated with Waijung and code generation mechanism.

No need to know how to write S-Function Block or C-mex files. Have your C code ready, and create your own custom Simulink block in less than 5 minutes.




High Speed Data Logger

Acquire real-time data to SD Card upto 8GB (tested) / 32GB (by design) upto 100kHz (actual speed depends on SD card used and data record size) with High speed SD Card write block.



Simple and Highly Flexible Target Setup




Improved User Interface


More Efficient Code Generation

Real-Time Critical and Background Tasks management
Character LCD and other slow non real-time critical tasks still works even at 100k+ base sample time.
Hardware enable / disable functions.