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Release Note

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Version 17.03a (7 Mar 2017)

NEW Software

STM32F4 Target
Add HTTP Client block. Demonstration for this block: HTTP method POST and GET for IoT application demo

Version 17.02b (28 Feb 2017)


1.nRF51 Target
ANT block support Enable RSSI option.
2.STM32F4 Target
Fix "CAN Setup" block error message.
Update "Ethernet Link Setup" block support ETH Chip Address configuration, to support NUCLEO-F429ZI board. More information...

Version 17.02a (2 Feb 2017)


.1Add support new STM32F4 Family:
.2Several bugs fixed.
.3Upgarde GNU ARM tool chain version 5.4-2016-q3-update

Version 15.04a (21 Apr 2015)

NEW Software

1.nRF51 Target, add support SPI Master.
2.nRF51 Target, add support SPI SDCard Setup for read-write file on SD card.


3.Upgarde GNU ARM tool chain version 4.9-2015-q1-update
4.Update GSM/GPRS Setup block to support User/ Password configuration.
5.Fix UART Tx/Rx block in binary mode, the block slow down the Update/Build process when increase number of Header or Terminator.
6.Fix warning message ST-Link driver and Utility could not found during installation.
7.Fix Auto download via ST-Link showing error if using pin PA13/PA14 as input or output.
8.Fix inverted logic of Digital Output block (when configured as non bit banding mode) for STM32F4 Target.
9.Fix ADC block not working if more than one ADC block with same ADC module configuration in a model file.
10.Fix crash problem on Host UDP block.

Version 14.12a (1 Dec 2014)

NEW Software

1.Add temperature reading for nRF51 Target, Temp Sensor block.


1.STM32F4 Target, fix SPI Block generate error during build.
2.STM32F4 Target, update Target Setup block support MCU and Clock configuration for FiO2 board.
3.STM32F4 Target, UART Tx and UART Rx support "Binary Vector" mode, which allow vector data type can be used for transmit or receive. Note: UART blocks are unlinked, to use this feature, it is require manual update by remove existing block from working model file then replace new from Waijung Blockset.
4.nRF51 Target, fix digital IO blocks display incorrect pin name.
5.Fix Setup block did not generate code, problem found when Inline Parameters (optimization) enabled. By setting sample time of Setup block to -1 instead of inf.
6.Upgarde GNU ARM tool chain version 4.8-2014-q3-update
7.Host UDP Send and Host UDP Receive support manual selection for Network Adapter card.
8.Character LCD Setup blocks support interface 8 or 4 bit mode selection.
9.STM32F0 Target, fix soft I2C timeout problem.

Version 14.09c (24 Sep 2014)


1.Fix crash problem library for aMG GSM/GPRS Module.

Version 14.09b (23 Sep 2014)


1.Fix Host Serial Tx and Host Serial Rx did not update baudrate value corresponding the Host Serial Setup block. Add option in Mask dialog to enable or disable Initial values for Host Serial Rx , and mask display to transfer mode.

Version 14.09a (22 Sep 2014)

NEW Software

1.New Host Serial Block: Host Serial Setup, Host Serial Tx and Host Serial Rx. Support aMG USB Converter-N, aMG USB_Connect and other generic COM port for HIL simulation. The block support auto COM port selection. (Old Host Serial blocks released previous version will be obsolete)
2.New block for aMG GSM/GPRS Module (Old GSM blocks released previous version will be obsolete)
3.nRF51 Target with FiO Glide support auto compile and download via aMG USB Connect, see Get Started and ANT demo.


1.Update CAN Setup block, add option for to enable or disable Auto re-transmission feature (STM32F0 and STM32F4 Target).
2.Fixed compile error with Keil MDK-ARM v5.
4.Several bugs fixed.


1.Hardware in the loop demo via CAN (CAN to Serial bridge).
3.Hardware in the loop demo via CAN (CAN to Serial bridge).





Version 14.05a (14 May 2014)

NEW Software

1.Add STM32F0 Target.
a.Target Setup Block
b.Regular ADC  Blocks
c.CAN BUS Blocks
d.Flash & EEPROM Emulation Blocks
e.I2C (Soft I2C Master) Blocks
f.Digital IO Blocks
g.SPI Blocks
h.Basic PWM Block
i.PWM Capture Block
j.UART Blocks


1.Add Use Global Initialization Option to control initialization code placement.
2.Improve code generation mechanism for Timer IRQ Block.
3.Fix UART Rx block can cause MCU crash.





Version 14.03a (4 Mar 2014)

Licensing options

1.Introduce commercial / non-commercial / student licensing options. See the licensing options page.

NEW Software

2.Add Nordic nRF51822 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and nRF51422 (ANT) Targets.
3.PWM Capture Block.
4.aMG GSM Module Block (SIM900)


2.Update Basic Custom Code Block to allow 2D input/output signals (see Basic Custom Code (Non-Scalar Signal) Demo).
3.Update CAN BUS Block. Fix CAN Message cause Simulink generate error when build if Function-Call Subsystem (which called by CAN Receive ISR) has output port.
4.Update Data Logger Block. Fix Data Logger error when build. Problem found with Matlab version 2009b and newer. The cause of problem is asciiformat string that containing comma ",".
5.Update for Advance PWM Block. Added: disable PWM channel if input duty cycle is negative. Both CHx and CHxN will be low.
6.Update UART Block. Fix UART Tx block in packet "String Buffer" did not transfer End of Packet ("\r" | "\n" | "\r\n").
7.Update DAC Block: Add clipping to prevent over/underflow.
8.Update Target Setup Block: Fix Linker Control Sting. Math function on GNU ARM compiler now produce correct result with hardware FPU.
10. Update IRQ Custom Code block. Fix "implicit declaration" warning message.
11. Add Initial function call string for "Basic Custom Code" and "IRQ Custom code" block.
12. Update Timer IRQ Block. Fix compiling error for some timer module.


Nordic nRF51822/nRF51422 Target

Version 13.12a (16 Dec 2013)

NEW Software


1.Update lwIP TCP/IP stack to version 1.4.1. See
2.Host serial Rx support initial value. This prevent lock state in close-loop hil.
3.aMG High Precesion RTC demo, change LCD pin to standard CLCD2 compaible.
4.Upgrade Encoder Block to allow PPR as matlab variables.
5.Update Target UART Rx block to enable correct HIL simulation tests. See the demos.
6.Fix CAN Setup block cause MATLAB crash when run simulation.
7.Fix compiler error on Digital Output block with non-Bit banding mode.

Obsolete blocks

(Linked Block, Must be replaced by new mechanism)

 a. Http Webserver Setup block is replaced by Http Server Setup block.

 b. Webserver Volatile Data Mapping block is replaced by Httpserver CGI varset callback and Volatile Data Storage.

 c. Printf block is replaced by String Buffer Processing.

Out of date blocks

These blocks are unlinked block. New updates are available. So to take advantage of the new features users must manually replace the old blocks in the model with the new one from the library.

 a. Volatile Data Storage

 b. Host Serial Rx block



Version 13.11a (1 Nov 2013)

NEW Hardware

NEW Software


2.Fix bugs when waijungroot and Simulink model pathnames contain space
3.Fix bugs with SD card drivers
4.Fix webserver file upload mechanism
5.Upgrade Encoder Block to include counter reset


Version 13.10a (2 Oct 2013)

NEW Software

1.UDP Send/ UDP Receive blocks.
2.DCMI (Camera) blocks, Data Streaming blocks (Preview).  Files under directory: stm32f4\demo\udp_cam_demo.


1.SPI block: Improve user interface and bug fix.

Version 13.09a (1 Sep 2013)

NEW Hardware

1.aMG 232/485 INF
2.aMG Sense - Humidity / Temperature
3.aMG Sense - Light
4.aMG Sense - Pressure / Altitude

NEW Software

Bootloader sublibrary and and In-Application Programming Capability



1.Update webserver firmware for higher stability.
2.Simple CAN BUS Block interface.
3.Fix Target Setup Manual sampletime not updated.
4.Released with ST Link Utility version 3.1.0.
5.SQLIte Firmware upgrade SQLiFW02.bin How-to
6.W2D Improvements
Work with Waijung 13.09 and up
Require Upgrade SQLite DB Server Module Firmware to 
Reduced in size from 640KB to 512KB (.img to .bin)
Added Database Browser and Downloader
Added File Browser (Download, Delete, Upload)
MCU time can be set to Local or UTC time
Add Auto-scale option for Charts (Database.html, Design.html and Pages.html)
and more...

Version 13.08a (1 Aug 2013)

NEW Hardware

FiO 2

Based on ARM Cortex-M4 STM32F417IG MCU
All IO pins available via pin headers upto 140 pins
Pin compatible with STM32F4DISCOVERY board
Onboard 8MHz crystal (for HSE clock)
JTAG Debugger port
Require ST-Link to program and debug
Optional External SDRAM (up to 512 kBytes)
Optional Onboard 32.768kHz crystal (for real time clock) with button (2032) battery holder



NEW Software

1.Plug-in mechanism
2.Flash Read Write Blocks (preliminary, no documentation.)
3.RCC Block, System Reset Block  (preliminary, no documentation.)


1.W2D now uses jQuery Mobile Library.
2.CAN BUS Blocks: Up to 14 message filter (CAN Receive) Blocks in a model, Fix bug CAN 2 module now works as CAN 1, (Old CAN BUS blocks will be removed in future release).
3.Webserver can configure TCP Timer.

Version 13.07a (1 July 2013)

NEW Hardware


NEW Software

1.Upgarde to GNU ARM tool chain version 4.7-2013-q2
2.aMG SQLite Database Server Firmware upgrade (latest version 1.0) Download, See Firmware Upgrade Instructions


1.Fix build errors where folder names with space(s) cause errors. Folder name can now contain space(s).
2.Fix build errors where GNU ARM can not compile when other version of GNU GCC are installed on the same system. The GNU ARM compiler now works along side other compilers.
3.Fix build errors when blocks are included in several subsystem layers.
4.Fix build errors when ST Link Utility is already presented on the computer but different version from that distributed with Waijung. Now Waijung uses ST Link Utility from standard ST Installer.
5.Fix build errors with CLCD Block Build error.
6.Fix SPI Block bug not returning values.

Version 13.06b (28 June 2013)


1. Improve performance of Waijung Webserver block.

2. Several bugs fixed.

Version 13.06a (1 June 2013)

NEW Software

1.Webserver Blockset and Network - Direct Access Variable Blockset  Your basic building block for embedded webserver.
2.SQLite Database Server Board and Blockset sqlite370_banner  Your SQLite Database Server for embedding in any devices.
3.W2D (Waijung Webpage Designer for Network-based Monitoring and Control) Create your network monitor and control webserver without writing any HTML.
4.Asynchronous Timer Interrupt Block

NEW Hardware

1. aMG CANINF 1.5 connect your system to any CAN BUS.
2. aMG F4 Connect 2 basic mother board for STM32F4DISCOVERY and FiO 2.
3. aMG EthernetINF connect your system to LAN and the internet.
4. aMG SQLite Database Server for your embedded database server.
5. aMG USB Converter-N2 High speed real-time Hardware in the Loop Simulation (upto 2kHz).
6. aMG SIGCON-A most flexible for your signal conditioning needs.



2.Various minor bug fixes


Version 13.05a (1 May 2013)

1. Improve Basic PWM Block (add output pins PA0 and PA5 for TIM2_CH1 and pin PA1 for TIM2_CH2).

2. Improve Target Setup Block (add --split_sections compiler control string for MDK-ARM as default, credit to srantonio).

3. Improve CAN BUS Block (add settings for custom CAN BUS timing).

4. Improve RTC Blocks and Date - Time configuration routine.

5. Improve UART Blockset functionality (add non-blocking function to host serial blockset).

6. Improve Based sample time setting mechanism (Target Setup Block).

7. Add support to manually modify compiler paths.

8. Add High Precision Real-Time Clock Blockset (DS3231).

9. Add Encoder Read Block.

Version 13.04a (1 Apr 2013)

1.Improve build speed.
2.Fix build error when folder/file name contains space(s).
3.Add Read Unique ID Blockset.
4.Add Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) Blockset.
a.Add Arbitrary Waveform Generator Blockset.
b.Add Noise Waveform Generator Blockset.
5.Add automatic online update checker mechanism.
6.Add Basic Custom Code Blockset.
7.Add SQLite Blockset.
8.Add Webserver Blockset.
9. Add SPI Blockset.
10. Add I2C Blockset.
11. Add Real-Time Clock (RTC) Blockset.
12. Add CRC-32 Block.
13. Add execution time profiler.
14. Add generic Character LCD Blockset.
15. Add High Speed Data Logger Blockset.
16. Delay (usec) block.
17. Support GNU GCC compiler (GNU Tools for ARM Embedded Processors)

Version 12.11c (23 Nov 2012)

1.Fix Installation Errors.
2.Add Regular DAC Block.

Version 12.11b (20 Nov 2012)

1.Fix broken help doc links on some blocks.

Version 12.11a (19 Nov 2012)

1.Add Serial/UART Blocks Library.
2.Add auto compile and download support for IAR EWARM (require EWARM 6.4 or later) .
3.Add Basic PWM Block.
4.Add method to open help portal.
5.Fixed method waijung.getMatlab.version bug (incorrect version number for R2010 - R2011).

Version 12.10a (30 Oct 2012)

First Beta Release



Note: Aimagin's software version follows release YEAR.MONTH notation. The letter a, b, ... refers to different software releases in the same month.